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West Tarring

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Welcome to
Worthing Allotment Management

               About Us                   

1 October 2013, WAM took over the management and running of the West Tarring allotment site. WAM was formed of a tenant elected committee. This came about as a group of tenants had approached the council with a plan to take over the management of the West Tarring allotments.

1 October 2015. Tenants from the other Worthing allotment sites, voted to move under WAM management. WAM took over management of the remaining Worthing allotments sites excluding Humber Avenue. WAM and Worthing Borough Council operate against a Service Level Agreement (SLA). All the allotment land continues to be owned by Worthing Borough Council.

                 WAM Website

The new WAMPLOTS.ORG website is under construction.  As new pages are created they will appear. If you have any questions or issues with the website, please contact


If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Secretary. Please also call this number if you find or lose any site keys.


Worthing Allotment Management Limited, Company Number 09584747, Registered in England 

Private company limited by guarantee without share capital 

Company Officers:  Caroline Webb, Peter Hannam, Jack Powis, John Scrace, Phillip Wright.