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Allotment Waiting List

Please note, to submit requests to join the waiting list for a WAM allotment or any questions relating to the waiting list, there is now a new email address.

Use of Poisons


All tenants should be aware that the use of poisons of the allotment sites, including rat poisons, is prohibited.

The use of poisons on your allotment could result in your eviction and cancellation of your tenancy.

Thank you. 

Allotment Bonfires

The burning of allotment waste is only permitted on three sites - Chesswood, Hill Barn and West Tarring.

At West Tarring this is only by prior agreement with your overseers and within strict limits  to reduce any nuisance to local residents. This is normally once per year, subject to weather conditions and wind direction, and this will be timed to coincide as closely as practically possible with November 5th .

No West Tarring tenant may light a fire without such formal clearance.

Thank you for your understanding


If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Secretary. Please also call this number if you find or lose any site keys.

If you have any questions or issues with the WAM IT or this website, please contact

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