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Getting an Allotment

Having an allotment is great to get away from our busy daily lives, grow your own fruit and veg, maybe even organically.  However, having an allotment is a big commitment in time and energy, requiring regular weekly effort but with great rewards.  As a plot holder you are required to keep your allotment tidy, weed free and at least 80% cultivated, for the time of year. Please do take time to consider this before applying.

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Worthing Borough Boundary

Please note, to qualify to rent an allotment in Worthing, you must be over 18 and live within the Worthing Borough Council area as highlighted in red in the boundary map.

Allotment Plots

We have plots of various sizes including a very limited number of accessible plots. The size of plot you are offered will depend on what has become available at that time. Allotment sizes include half of any surrounding paths Our allotments are measured in rods. A rod is an ancient measure and is actually a square rod, approximately

~ 16.5ft x 16.5ft or 5m x 5m

The most common plot size is five rods, equivalent to roughly 150 square yards or 125 square metres. Our present rates are £9 per rod, so a standard five rod plot is £45 per year. If you are over 65 years of age you can request to receive a 30% discount.

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Apply to join the waiting list

The waiting lists for Worthing allotments are quite long and do vary by site. West Tarring and Chesswood Farm are large sites. The remaining and sites are smaller which means they have a smaller number of plots becoming vacant each year.

Worthing Allotment Management manage seven of the eight allotment sites in Worthing as shown in the map below.  To apply to join the waiting list for an allotment, please email the Membership Secretary attaching the completed Application Form. Alternatively, complete the form and post it to the address on the form. If you would like to join the waiting list for one of our accessible plots, please use the Accessible Plot Application Form. We will contact you to arrange a viewing when a plot becomes available.

The Humber Avenue site is managed by Humber Avenue Community Allotments. To apply for an allotment at Humber Avenue, please visit their Website.

                            Allotment Waiting List Application Form

                            Accessible Allotment Waiting List Application Form

Whilst on the waiting list....

Worthing Borough Council run a Community Green Spaces scheme. Why not take a look.

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